Lexar JumpDrive Secure 64GB – Review

The Drive

Final Conclusion

Available at around £35 from numerous sources the added security software does add a premium onto the drive, if you consider unbranded 64GB USB3 drives are generally available for around half the cost.  The performance of the drive and the included features however make for a very nice item and one that unbranded drives will likely not be able to match.

When all rolled into one as Lexar have done, the performance of the drive, the ease of use of the software and the protection the drive offers for encrypting folders and keeping data safe. It is easy to recommend the Lexar M10 Secure, it covers all the technical bases whilst also having a solid feel and a simple yet effective capacity display on the front.

It is an item I am proud to give a DavePlays recommended award to.

Dave Plays Review Reccomended




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