Konosuba: Love for These Clothes of Desire! – PS4 – Review

the main title card from Konosuba

Konosuba is a series dear to me. So when I had the chance to play the latest game I jumped at the chance to take the four idiots through another load of mayhem and mishaps.

Konosuba: Love for These Clothes of Desire! is not your typical lighthearted romp through the world of magical girls and fashion. Oh no, this visual novel takes the hilarious, dysfunctional cast from the anime series and throws them into a bizarre predicament involving a cursed artifact, warped desires, and a whole lot of fabric. While some may raise an eyebrow at the premise, the game delivers a surprisingly engaging experience that embraces the Konosuba spirit of outlandish humor and self-aware absurdity.

The story throws our familiar quartet – Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness – into disarray when they stumble upon the enigmatic Black Slab. This cursed object twists their deepest desires, leading to hilarious consequences. Kazuma, the pragmatic leader, becomes obsessed with amassing wealth through crafting clothes. Aqua, the useless goddess, transforms into a prim and proper lady. Megumin, the explosion-loving mage, shrinks into a pint-sized tyrant. And Darkness, the masochistic crusader, well… let’s just say her desires take a very specific and risqué turn.

a screenshot showing the work loop from konosuba

While the dress-up system is a core mechanic, it’s not just about creating fashionable outfits. Each garment is imbued with a specific effect, impacting the characters’ stats and unlocking new story paths. This adds a layer of strategic depth, requiring players to consider the characters’ warped desires alongside their strengths and weaknesses.

a screenshot showing a description for an outfit from konosuba

Konosuba: Love for These Clothes of Desire! Also expands on the 4 main heroines by allowing you to make and craft outfits that other characters from the Konosuba universe can model. Leading to some very charming sidestories as you progress.

Building up your affection for characters allows you to unlock some extra endings which the game outright tells you about at the beginning. This is really nice as you can tick off the ones you achieve as you complete loops of the game.  

a screenshot showing the affection information from Konosuba
A screenshot showing the ending options from Konosuba

The true heart of the game lies in its humour. The writing perfectly captures the characters’ distinct personalities and amplifies their quirks to absurd levels. The dialogue is peppered with witty banter, slapstick gags, and meta-references that will delight fans of the anime. Even the visual novel format is utilized for comedic effect, with expressive character sprites and hilarious reaction panels adding to the fun.

Despite its lighthearted tone, the game does explore some surprisingly heartfelt moments. The characters, despite their flaws, learn to rely on each other and overcome their individual struggles. Kazuma’s leadership is tested, Aqua’s usefulness is questioned (again), Megumin’s insecurities are laid bare, and Darkness… well, Darkness embraces her unique brand of “help.” These moments, while brief, add depth and emotional weight to the overall experience.

It’s important to note that the game does lean heavily into the fan service aspect, with suggestive dialogue and character designs. While this may appeal to some, it may not be suitable for all audiences. Additionally, the humour can be crude and offensive at times, which might not sit well with everyone but encapsulates the feel of the show really well.

A funny lewd moment from Konosuba

Konosuba: Love for These Clothes of Desire! is a unique experience that blends outrageous humour, strategic gameplay, and surprisingly heartfelt moments. While its content may not be for everyone, fans of the anime and those looking for what will feel like and expanded episode will find plenty to enjoy. Just be prepared to have your funny bone tickled, your fabric expectations subverted, and your sanity slightly questioned. Remember, in the world of Konosuba, even the most absurd desires can lead to an unforgettable journey. Especially if the journey is peppered with lewdness along the way.

Text choice from the game Konosuba showing a funny moment

The game is not without quirks though. There are some interesting translation choices and spelling mistakes but admittedly they are few and far between on the playthroughs I have completed and far outweighed by the fun had from the characters interacting with each other.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from https://www.keymailer.co and PQube

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