Devil May Cry 5 – Booty Patch

Devil May Cry 5 has been receiving great reviews since it’s release.

But in a recent patch of the game, a number of players have noticed an odd change in one of the games cutscenes.

In the most recent patch of the PS4 version of Devil May Cry 5 there is a scene where Dante saves Trish from a rather gruesome monster.

In this scene Trish is naked, Dante catches her and proceeds to lay her down on the ground.

Censorship on PS4

In the pre-patch version and the Japanese release this plays out as one would expect. However in the patched release, Trish’s bum is covered by a purple lens flare from Dante’s bike.

This lens flare does not exist in the PC, Xbox One or Japanese versions of the game.

This all points to Sony’s heavy handed approach and new policy over sexual content on the PS4. With the latest Senran Kagura game apparently being hit over the intimacy mode that was a staple of the series.

The thing that really strikes me on this is that Devil May Cry 5 is an 18 rated game. If the game was censored to protect the children, maybe we should take a look at how these games are getting into the hands of said children.


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