Arctic Freezer 12 – Tower Cooler – Review

Arctic are a company that everyone should know. They have been in the business of making cooling hardware for over 15 years. Today I will be taking a look at one of their new coolers the Arctic Freezer 12.

The Arctic Freezer 12 is compatible with AM4 and Intel 115x sockets as well as Intel socket 2011-3 (square ILM) sockets. This makes it suitable for a lot of high performance setups.  Its party trick is that the cooler is semi passive with the fan only coming on if the CPU gets to a certain temparature.

I will be testing it on my recently built Ryzen 7 build. So I expect that I won’t get to see the passive side that much. But anyway, let’s get started!




Compatibility AMD Socket AM4, Intel Socket 115x, 2011-3
Max Cooling Performance 150Watts (recommended 130W)
Heatsink Direct Touch Heat pipe 3x 6mm 45 Aluminium Fins (0.4mm Thick)
Fan 92 mm, 0–2,000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Dimensions 130mm(H) x 108mm(W) x 90mm(D)
Warranty 6 – Years



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