All is not well with the RGB Corsair

It seems that Corsair may have another issue with the recently released RGB keyboard range. It seems with a bit of reverse engineering a user has discovered that rather than the much advertised 16.8 million colours it seems that the combination of software and hardware in the keyboard is currently only able to support 512 colours, and that’s not a mistype.

Seemingly rather than having a smooth gradient to the colours available, the Corsair RGB keyboards have step up to maximum colour in 8 steps.



 Thanks to Digital.Zilla for the images.

In most circumstances, you be unlikely to notice this issue, especially if you have a fast changing RGB mode. The slower the mode the more apparent these steps would become.

A Corsair rep did stop by the thread to say that they were checking into the issue, but from the discussion regarding the actual hardware in the Corsair keyboards and the way the information is passed to the keyboard it seems unlikely that a firmware fix will resolve the issue without making some serious changes.

Some users are certainly upset with a number in the thread saying that pre-orders will be cancelled, or that they will return the keyboard to where they bought it for false advertising.

All in all it seems this one year exclusivity deal with regards to the technology has proved to be a frustrating experience for users, with a long wait between the announcement and the tramp stamp complaints, with this adding to the issue…hopefully Corsair can offer some kind of explanation or fix to the issue.  It is still a cracking keyboard however.



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