North American Speedrunner Assembly (NASA) Marathon 2016 (19th-23rd May)


The inaugural NASA speedrunning event begins tomorrow. And I can already here you saying, another speedrunning marathon? This one is slightly different in its raison d’être, it is being run simply to showcase speedrunners, their talent and the tech in the games that are being played.

Naegleria, the person behind the event is also attempting to be completely transparent in how the event is being run. Being a staunch critic of other big speedrunning events and how they have handled certain events over the last few years.

The games schedule is packed with some great games, as well as a few meme style runs – Looking at you Beethoven. The event runs from the 19th of May at 4pm up until the 23rd at around 11pm and there are a number of games that look to have been overlooked at other events.

I for one can’t wait for Naegleria’s own run of Ranger X, as well as the run of Final Fantasy 12 by AlecK47 although I will have to catch these on highlights due to the time they are both being run.

You can catch the stream over at



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