Kickstarter Corner – Mionix Naos QG

Over a year ago now, I jumped in and joined the Mionix Naos QG Kickstarter and much like other Kickstarter campaigns. It has been a long and tumultuous time these past 12 months with the small amount of updates from Mionix causing a lot of uncertainty among backers. It was the first Kickstarter I backed, popping my Kickstarter cherry as you might say and whilst the end is in sight I am not sure this is one I would like to relive.

It was an interesting prospect, a gaming mouse with the ability to read your heart rate and other data with an in game overlay for streamers who want to showcase clutch moments with such data.

With many long periods of silence, and other interesting problems along the way, including patent trolls and tooling issues. It seems that Mionix have the kinks worked out as a post last week points to API production and release to those who backed for developer access.

The below image was also shown, which appears to show what might be the final design and position of the sensors themselves, all housed in the classic Naos mouse design.naosqgfinal

Mionix plan to have the final backer versions shipped out towards the end of July, after the final testing period is over (durability, stress testing and certification). Which means that they should finally be out for general release shortly after.

It’s been a long road, but it seems that this Kickstarter will have a happy ending after all. I can’t wait for mine so I can give it a review.


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