FFXV (15) release date announced, Anime and Film tie-ins as well

Final Fantasy XV has finally been given a release date of September 30th on both the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.This date was announced during Square-Enix’s live stream, Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, which was a source of much information about the long-delayed game.

What was originally going to be one of the many entries into in the Final Fantasy XII world, Final Fantasy XV has spanned two generations of console with development of the game starting almost 10 years ago. To go along with the announcement a free playable teaser called Platinum Demo has been launched on both consoles.

Their was a bit of surprise announcement during the live stream from Square-Enix. With a 5-part anime series that follows and builds up the back story and personalities of the main characters within Final Fantasy XV, as well as a feature-length fully 3D animated film (think Advent Children and The Spirits Within) that follows Noctis’ dad King Regis. Square-Enix have pulled some very talented actors into the fold to voice the characters for the English release, including Sean Bean and Lena Headey, as well as Aaron Paul. The film is going to be released digitally later this year but I hope that Square-Enix release a physical copy; potentially with a special edition variant of the main game?

The first subbed episode of the Final Fantasy XV anime is already live and waiting for those interested. I have embedded it just below for you all.

I admit, it wouldn’t really be a modern Square-Enix release without a mobile game tie-in and Final Fantasy XV is no different, with a pinball game called Justice Monsters 5 getting an Android and iOS release in the upcoming months. It doesn’t look to bad from the release trailer.

It’s mad to think about how long this game has been in development, with a number of small teasers over the years about the potential story and main characters and I am sure that it will be a massive weight off of Square-Enix’s shoulders when they finally get it out of the doors. Ever since I was a youngster I have played Final Fantasy, granted my first true touch to the series was when I received Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1. A Platinum copy game by the time it graced my hands, to be honest I was pretty bad at the game itself and due to the translation error at the beginning it was a long time before I beat the first boss (with a lot of grinding as well).
This caused me to get really stuck in with the game itself and ever since, I have picked up pretty much every PlayStation copy of the Final Fantasy series, I still have that copy of Final Fantasy 7, now nearing 16 years old, on my shelf. One of the few games I go back to have fun with even after all this time.


(well I rambled for a bit there didn’t I. I suppose what I wanted to say is that I hope Final Fantasy 15, with all of this additional media and the many years in development, will bring that same feeling to a new generation of gamer)


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