European Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Benefitting Save the Children ESA is an annual speed running marathon taking place in Växjö Sweden. This year it celebrates its fifth anniversary and boasts some of the best speed runners from Europe and the rest of the world.


The European Speedrunner Assembly is the largest gathering of speed runners outside of the United States. It boasts an amazing line up of games that may not make it into the larger american event and takes place from the 23rd of July until the 29th.

This years games list includes an any% run of Final Fantasy 12 which will clock in over 6 Hours which is a really good run to watch. There will also be a Co-Op run of BattleBlock Theatre which is a game I can happily recommend for people who like friendly fire and cute cats! It also has an amazing soundtrack.

There is a full schedule of games over at and I urge you take some time this weekend and next week to stop by and have a watch.

I will be moderating the event with a number of other people so you will see me quite frequently in the chat, if you do don’t forget to say hi! 



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