Button Mash XII – A gem of an event in Bradford


Ah good old Button Mash, housed in the quaint Bradford playhouse once again and now in it’s 12th instance it’s truly a hidden gem.

Me and DanLV and a few other friends wandered over to our second Button Mash this year to play games, drink varying amounts of alcohol and just hang out with other like minded gamers.  Much like last time strewn along each wall of the event were various consoles set up and waiting with a massive amount of games for us to sit down and play.

When Dan and I arrived the usual pay what you want on the door was in effect. After both of us beat the average amount, we were able to take our shots with the NERF bow and arrow once again, this time with the aim of hitting a parrot off of its perch. I think it must be rigged forever in my favour as Dan took his shots and missed but it only took me two to knock the little Iago look alike off. 😀


Heading downstairs the consoles this time seemed to have larger catalogues of games ready to play. Our friends had been there for a short while and were in the process of battling out a time-trial in Gran Turismo 3 on the PlayStation 2 that was available (unfortunately the second pad was broken so runs were one after another).  This game was one I put many hours into when I was younger so of course I had a go and after a few back and forth attempts set the best time. Though I didn’t reach the target of third on the actual leader board 🙁
IMG_2309After a few drinks including a pint in what I believe was the longest pint glass available (seriously it was massive) I took to watching a few people have a rumble on Super Smash Bros on the WiiU. Being a Sony kid I have little history with Nintendo games.IMG_2297

After a few rounds of the career of Burnout 3 takedown, a game which I was reminded has a stupidly long intro before you can actually play, it was time for the newly introduced and hopefully recurring Pub Quiz.

The Pub Quiz was much like the one held at Insomnia and had some nice questions and some absolutely devilish ones, especially some of the ones in the music and geography sections…Dan and I teamed up to do the quiz and mainly thanks to his encyclopaedic knowledge (and a few tiny bits of my own knowledge) we emerged victorious over the rest of the entrants.

This yielded a little haul of goodies that we split between us, with Dan getting the Nintendo gear and me getting a few bits of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat goodies.

After taking the haul Dan and I sat down to play a few rounds of Soul Calibur (the exact version escapes me) where I immediately beat Dan several times. Not through skill mind but pure cheese, Grade A 100% Pure cheese.

Shortly after came the tournament, which involved people playing Duck Game a newish 4 player massacre game like TowerFall but with ducks.

Because of EGX and the associated length of travel to get down to Birmingham the following day, we didn’t stay much longer after the tournament had ended. Even though, Button Mash XII is one of the highlights of the year for me and I can’t wait for the next one to be announced.


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