CMStorm Resonar Review


I was really impressed with the audio quality of the Resonar headset it is certainly a step above the Razer Hammerhead’s I reviewed a while ago. It’s nice having a bass boost option right there on the headset and takes me back to the days of bass boost being on most portable media players. Rather than having a bassy output as the norm it gives you a bit more control.

As stated earlier, I really like when manufacturers use aluminium in the manufacturing of something like headsets. It’s a simple thing that gives them a brilliant feeling of robustness. It helps to give a sense of assurance that they won’t break easily. The addition of the case as well means that once you’re finished you can put them away without fear of damage.

At a cost of around £38 they are certainly not as cheap as some other brands but as a package the CMStorms are really nice.

The CMStorm Resonar offer great portability and performance that defies their size, making them an essential buy for gamers on the go.

For that I award them the Gold Award



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