Summer Games Done Quick roars to an impressive total

Well another amazing Summer Games Done Quick has been and gone this past week. Culminating in a massive $1.2M being raised for Doctors Without Borders. The first time the event has raised more than the larger Awesome Games Done Quick held earlier in the year.


The event itself was yet another impressive showcase of speed-running tech and games that might never fit the bill at other events.

Whilst the event was not without its controversy with Notch deciding to protest Twitch Bits this year and refraining from donating to SGDQ and apparently donating directly to the charity itself.

There were many great runs including a brilliantly commentated 4-way Super Metroid Race.

The channel linked below is going to be to have most of the runs uploaded. (There are one or two that have been removed at the runners request)

Also, you should definitely watch the Trauma Center run, hell I will even embed it below. It is an amazing game to watch because it uses the Wii motion controls for its primary game play mechanic.

If you can’t get enough of the speedrunning action. ESA 2016 is only a few short weeks away and will feature the best in European speedrunners playing games that GDQ’s can only hope of ever having.



I took up the challenge of moderating the Twitch chat for this event. So I would like to end this post with a huge thank you to the rest of the mod team for being awesome. It was certainly an experience.


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