New Fans from Arctic

I didn’t know there would be a day when I would be happy about new fans being released, but Arctic have me covered today with the release of some new fans that improve on the previous model.


Today sees the release of the F Silent series of fans from Arctic. Which have massive airflow and a super silent operation. Apparently by quite some margin (at least on the image above). How have they achieved this I hear you ask. Well let me carbon copy what they have said.

An innovative design done through computational fluidic dynamics with a motor developed in Germany. At low fan speed, the motor and bearing noise is key.  A new alloy/lubricant combination reduces friction, which not only lead to increased service life but most of all keeps the operating noise to a minimum.
That’s the perfect balance of quietness and performance!

Now one thing I really love about Arctic is their pricing. For these new and improved fans they are keeping the RRP nice and low with the 12cm variant (which I expect will be the most popular) being available for only six pounds!

The F12 Silent operates at around 800RPM under normal 12V but this can be reduced even further by way of one of the many Low RPM wires available. Though considering the near silent operation as stock this shouldn’t be needed.

You can purchase it by clicking the affiliate link below. (note I will get a tiny kickback if you make a purchase)


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