Possible Cherry MX Switch Shortage in 2015?


Since posting, I’ve spoken to another member of the industry in the UK who has not heard any news of a shortage, so it could just be that the really low quantity buyers are getting delays. Especially with Razer and Logitech both dropping Cherry MX switches, it would be a bit of a surprise for that extra capacity to suddenly go missing….



Whilst I don’t like to comment too much on forum posts and the like – the whole e-cig virus story that appeared on Reddit being just one- A post from QWERTYTim on the /r/mechanicalkeyboards subreddit has provided a slight bit of advance notice on a potential shortage next year of Cherry MX Switches.



This will be bad news for many smaller manufacturers, who solely rely on Cherry for their switches manufacturers such as Ducky and Filco, who eschew the use of Kailh switches in their products, smaller manufacturers will likely feel the pinch first however. So it will be interesting to see how this affects other brands.

Of course much like the second comment this could be a big play by Cherry to artificially introduce delays and inflate prices whilst creating greater demand for their product in the interim.

Either way brands that have jumped ship to Kailh will be feeling more and more that their choice has been a wise one. With the manufacturer being able to put out massive amounts of their own switches – so I’m sure they will be happy to take up any slack.



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