Play Expo Almost Here



Well, despite my best efforts to get content posted this week. Hosting issues have prevented me from doing so but thankfully I can still look forward to the Play Expo on Saturday at Event City in Manchester.

So here’s a quick run down of what you can expect if you also decide to head on down this weekend.

The Indie Zone will be back and bigger than ever, featuring over 25 studios including Worms creator Team 17 all of which will be exhibiting the latest releases from there catalogues. So expect to see some great action from them.

Now.Play is set to feature over 100 PS4 consoles this weekend with a plethora of games from Konami and other publishers. There will also be a Minecraft Zone that will be using these PS4 Consoles.

The Play Expo will also be featuring Europe’s biggest retro games display, with it set to have over 300 classics consoles, handhelds and computers. Some of which will be set up for some classic LAN action. These will all be playable as well, featuring classic games from everyone’s childhood.

and of course much much much more all down in Manchester.

To complement all of this at Play Expo this year, if you want to spend your hard earned money, like me, it is set to have another milestone with its biggest trader zone, featuring  both gaming merch and comics.

I for one cannot wait to get down and see it all in the flesh.





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