Flappy Bird in Super Mario World?

Yes, you read that right. Flappy Bird has been coded in Super Mario World – LIVE!

Super Mario World is a game that has a few oddities. Firstly it is possible by performing a sequence of very precise in-game actions to allow you to take full control of the game itself. A number of very talented people have used this to simply warp to the credits, SethBling being the first to do this.

SethBling has gone a lot further with his current effort by manually inputting the source code of Flappy Bird into Super Mario World. The amount of actual code written may be incredibly compact, at only 331 bytes, but it meant performing a precise spin jump 331 times.

At the last two AGDQ’s this type of total control and code execution has been performed by way of TASBOT (a modified R.O.B) which is capable of performing the execution nigh on flawlessly (as long as it is synced) and we have seen some interesting examples on display. This includes polling Twitch chat into a Pokemon Red cartridge, among other very brilliant things. However this is believed to be the first time it has been completed by a human.

You can see the narrated copy below, which has a bit more information and shows the steps as they happen.

You can follow SethBling on Twitch over at http://twitch.tv/sethbling



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