Borderlands 3 teased

Borderlands is a series close to my heart. Its a game that I have spent the most time in, either legitimately or illicitly.

Having acquired a copy back in the days of GameSpy. I played the original Borderlands to completion alone. I then picked up another copy and played that through to completion.

Steam sales allowed me to pick up a third copy and all of the DLC which is where my co-op gaming history with DanLevan began.

The same happened with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. The former I also completed several times including a co-op run with Dan again.

So it was a shock when I saw a twitter post from Gearbox with a post that just seems to tease Borderlands 3.

A date. A location. An exit number that just appears to be 3. It can’t be that simple can it?

The environment points to Borderlands 3. Their is also the fact that a tech demo for Borderlands 3 was presented at the Game Developers Conference back in 2017 and we know the game has been in development.

One thing to note is that past games have generally been released in the fall of the year makes me hope that this is going to be a release announcement.

Borderlands 2 was officially announced a year before it came out so i am really hopeful that come March 28th we will have a date and time for the next entry into such an awesome series!


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