Desert Bus marathon cleans house again

You may have noticed the site being down these past few days. because of the major Azure VM outages experienced. Hopefully you all had the prior knowledge that the Desert Bus gaming marathon was well under way with its challenge to raise funds for Child’s Play, the charity that helps get consoles and games to children. At this point in time there are only 5 hours that remain (unless they keep going) and they have this year managed to raise over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Desert Bus is a mini game from the unreleased Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors and is the game played in the marathon. Your mission? To drive a bus from Tucson to Las Vegas in real time at a speed of 45Mph and to stop you from cheating and holding the buttons by other means, the bus veers to the side of the road so constant adjustment is needed. If you do happen to go into the dirt you have to wait for a tow-truck which then takes you back to the start of the game again in real time.

For all this hassle, you score just 1 point.

Because of Desert Bus for Hope the game has taken on a cult status and each year the event has raised more and more money for the Childs Play Charity.

You should really go and check it out if you can –


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