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There is only one thing that I want for Christmas this year, and in truth, it’s not really a gift for me; but the one item that that has caught my eye is an Animal GPS Tracker, which after attaching to a collar will record your pets movements through the day. I would personally attach it to one of my cats, and It sounds like an incredibly weird thing.

I have only found out about these items this week, but I am now more interested in where my cats go when I let them out in the mornings, than playing my recently purchased games from the Steam Sale.

The device I have seen is one from G-Paws and it is a passive tracker, as you have to attach the device to your PC at the end of the day to recharge, then retrieve and upload the GPS info so you can see the data represented on a map.

Unfortunately I have left it a bit too late for a Christmas present but who knows, maybe next year I will be seeing what my cats are up to, or at least one of them, because at ~£40 it is not an impulse purchase I would normally make.


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