Secret Page!

Yay! you scanned the QR on the back of my business card or Boo! you have probed to find pages on my site and found this by mistake.

If the former I would like to thank you first for scanning the card especially considering you likely get a lot of these at an event. So here’s the bumpf….

My name is Dave and I run this review website. I am trying my hardest to source review samples so that I can build up my little site to be the best it can be (cue Rocky montage music). This is where you come in, as Mickey to my Rocky. I ask if you can provide me with a piece or pieces of hardware to review. I would look to provide an unboxing video and post a review on my site, if needed I will return the item back to you after review, or offer it as a prize with your blessing on my Facebook page.

Using the details on the business card you have acquired you can email me or even send me a tweet to arrange things.

If however you have done the latter or stumbled upon this page by accident, I hope the below video is enough to satiate you!




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