Felix the Cat: A Blast from the Past

Felix the Cat has waltzed back onto our screens in a brand new (well, sort of) adventure! This side-scrolling platformer takes us back to a simpler time, where our hero in black and white must rescue his feline love interest, Kitty, from the clutches of the nefarious Professor. While there’s a certain charm to this classic concept, the overall experience feels a bit lacklustre.

The gameplay itself is undeniably classic. You’ll guide Felix through a variety of colourful stages, dodging enemies, collecting coins, and using his signature magic bag to unleash a variety of helpful items like bombs and and a car. The levels offer a decent amount of variety, taking you from lush forests to rickety factories and even outer space. While not overly complex, there’s a certain satisfaction in mastering jumps, timing your attacks, and strategically using power-ups to overcome obstacles.

However, that classic feel comes with a double-edged sword. The level design, while functional, feels uninspired. Enemies are repetitive, offering little challenge beyond basic jumping and dodging. While the magic bag adds a bit of spice, the power-ups themselves are fairly standard platformer fare. There’s a sense of “been there, done that” that permeates the entire experience. (yes I know its a 32 year old game)

The 3* games included (one being the JP release of the NES game) in the package are simple emulated affairs with a few added modern day quality of life improvements. Such as the ability to rewind a little bit in game and also being able to save anywhere.

The sound design is another trip down memory lane. The soundtrack features catchy, upbeat tunes that evoke the golden age of 8-bit gaming. However, the sound effects are basic and repetitive which is to be expected from a NES game.

The biggest stumbling block for Felix the Cat for me, however, is its price tag of £20 (£14 on sale at the moment). While the specific price may vary depending where you are. It falls within the range of full-priced downloadable titles. I know I’m slating a 32 year old game here but even with the additional QOL features it just feels a little steep. Especially when there are other games available at the same cost that offer far more bang for buck.

Here’s the crux of the issue: Felix the Cat is a perfectly charming, albeit basic, platformer. It would have been a delightful rental back in the days of cartridge-based gaming, offering what would probably be a day or two’s worth of entertainment (some of the stages can be a little awkward). However, in the landscape of modern gaming, with its wealth of deep, expansive experiences, this Felix the Cat package struggles to justify itself.

If you’re a die-hard Felix the Cat fan with a serious case of nostalgia, then you might find some enjoyment in this title. However, for most gamers, Felix the Cat is a cute, but ultimately forgettable, experience that feels better suited for a bygone era.

I’m not going to lie that I like ports of old games being brought to modern consoles to increase the availability of old games. However I feel games like this should really be brought together in a bigger bundle that offers more value for money.

If you want to check it out or purchase it through an affiliate link you can do so by clicking here

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from https://www.keymailer.co


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