Cherry MX 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard – Review

So it happened, a lovely person at Cherry got in touch and offered me a chance to take a look at the new and shiny Cherry MX 6.0 mechanical keyboard.  You may have read my earlier post about it over here. I was really excited as it showed that Cherry were interested in appealing to the gamer market with their proprietary Real-Key or RK technology. Now I won’t get into why they have skipped 4.0 and 5.0 boards because I really don’t know. It could be something similar to why Winamp skipped version 4 and went straight to 5 but we may never find out.

I will let the video below do most of the talking as it were. It goes into the technology a bit more in-depth.



Key Switch Cherry MX Red
Housing Aluminium Case
Weight Keyboard – 1.3KgWrist Rest – 257g
Dimensions 454 x 147 x 28.4 mm
Cable Type USB
Cable Length 2 Metres
Backlight Colour Red
NKRO Yes, with RK technology
Keycaps Laser Etched



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